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Small Business Website Must Haves

It is quite easy to make a decision that having a small business website is going to be quite profitable to your existing business, but many small business owners are suddenly neglecting the development costs and also the role of the content that is required on the site to make the experience of visitors worthwhile.

Having knowledge of the fundamental components that your website needs to be able to generate sales and lure repeat visits is quite much recommended, please be aware of the functions that are critical and your small business website must have.

Easy Navigation

When a visitor lands on your website the ease which they can browse around your website is an essential element for their user experience. You may have the best looking site with the products accessible when the visitor/potential client has trouble in finding what they want your small business site is not performing the purpose of it. Make certain you have a search Box that actually works and which is clearly visible. Don’t build your site using Flash.

Most small business website owners want the latest thrills and technologies as a way to resist the standard, however building a Flash site creates the website tricky and slow for the customer.

Tell them exactly what to do

Be it easy if You’d like them to register to a newsletter allow them to do so and tell them to take action ‘Please register to our Newsletter’ – if you would like them to purchase goods from you, make it a simple process and allow it to be clear about how to buy, request them ‘Please Buy Now’ recalling to get rid of any distractions that can dissuade them from performing as you would like.

The biggest mistake most business owners have is assuming that the customer is an experienced one. Keep it clear and simple and do not be scared to inquire.

Make a Blog

Having a blog is the best way to gain more attention to your business site. Your blog will basically be your company voice that adds a enormous amount of personality.


In the recent past exhibiting your reviews/testimonials was a means to add visual credibility to your small business website offerings, but much has changed into since thanks to Google.

With the launch of Google Hotspot and Google Places and With the fact that your reviews are now placed by Google beside your business listings, it is more important to have a pro-active approach and make it a part of your strategy.

Contact Details

Having your full array of contact details on your small business site is one which is often over looked, and another way to bring the authenticity that is necessary that all businesses should possess.

You should display your land based address, telephone number and obviously email address but also make clear all of your social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc.

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