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Show Your Love for Baseball with Sports Trading Pins

In almost every sport, there are sports trading pins that you can find and baseball also has its fair share of collectors. The truth is, fans of such sport even allotted their time and money just to ensure that they’ll get their hands on these game memorabilia. The kind of stuff they are collecting is varying from ticket stubs, autographed baseballs and everything you can think off.

There is one item that is collected widely by baseball fans and these are the pins. These pins come in different styles and at the same time, different descriptive terms similar to sliders, danglers, blinkies, bobble heads and spinners. As for those who don’t have much idea on sports trading pins, it can be bewildering.

In danglers, it have two sizes of pins; the small pin is attached to the jump ring of the bigger ring for the former to dangle under the bigger pin. When it comes to sliders, it’s made by forming bigger pins with the slot or hole cut out of it and smaller pin is fixed via the slot so it does slide across the front of bigger pin.

The bobble head pins are again a two-part pin in which the bigger pin is designed often as baseball player’s body while the smaller pin is made as the player’s head and attached to the bigger pin using a spring so that’s why it is called “bobbles”.

In spinners, these are actually made by simply attaching the small pin through the hole in the bigger pin so the smaller pin can spin around freely.

Using the built-in lights it has, blinkies as what the name implies are blinking or flashing. The light is only a small LED powered by small fixed battery in back of side of pin with on and off switch. As for the flashing LED, it is used to show the location in the map of the team’s hometown or positioned in the eyes of the character.

If you want to catch light attractively or perhaps, thinking of ways on how you can highlight the team’s name, you may consider collecting baseball lapel pins. On the other hand, its translucent colors allow shiny polished metal of the pin to reflect the light. On your pin, you can even buy one that have glow in the dark or fluorescent color.

If you are dedicated to the sport and want to show your support and love to it, then sports trading pins are one way to do it. You can even buy special edition collectors bag to be able to preserve the quality of pins.

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