Are Private Cloud Infrastructures Better for Social Media Platforms?

Social Media platforms are undoubtedly the most used portals in everyday life. The extent of interaction at these channels is far beyond imagination. From Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, all of these platforms witness tremendously high user traffic. Having said that, the data shared through these platforms is also huge.

Over the years, the tech giants that run these platforms have constantly improved their offerings to render better and much more customized services. This implies that they need to adapt to infrastructure that is both private and secured. Now, here is where the idea of a private cloud comes into the picture.

Introduction of Cloud – Private vs Public

Cloud has been leading the charge since its inception. Organizations are spending an enormous amount of money on hosting their services over the cloud-based network. While both public and private cloud infrastructure are widely popular, the fact that public cloud infrastructure is owned by third party organizations makes it less secured. In simple terms, it means that with respect to public infrastructure, the data is managed by the provider.

On the other hand, private cloud infrastructure is specifically owned by an internal network that is private, and reminders total control to the companies using the service. While the benefits of a private cloud are similar to that of a public cloud, the private Cloud ensures total privacy, greater control, and a lot more customization. This is attributed to the fact that private Cloud server offers dedicated resources which is client-specific.

Why Private Infrastructure for Social Media Platforms

Now, talking about social media platforms, they require much more security, scalability, and reliability. This can be provided by the Cloud servers.

  1. Private Cloud Infrastructure offers greater storage space which is a must for social media platforms.
  2. Greater space means that data can effectively be stored and easily processed. This improves the speed and performance of the site.
  3. Cloud infrastructure promotes data analytics programs that benefit social media organizations in providing user-specific content.

Not to forget the fact that social media platforms generate billions of data each day, and it is the job of the leader to protect and safeguard their user’s data. To adhere to security needs, the private Cloud server is best suited for social media platforms. And for the website needs, you can definitely opt for Cloud Server Hosting from good providers to keep your data secure and your website up and running at all times.