3 Tips to Record Better Quality Screen Recording Videos

Using screen recording has become a whole lot easier in recent years, with more user-friendly options to choose from. However as screen recording is a lot more straightforward – recording high quality screen recording videos still does require a bit of know how.

Simply put if you want to record truly high quality video footage from your screen that looks professional, you need to set up your screen recording accordingly. For that, these tips will come in handy:

Record in as high a resolution as possible

When it comes to resolution, bigger is always better – and the widely-accepted standard for high quality videos nowadays is 1080p Full HD. Unfortunately for screen recording that may not be an option, as you’ll be restricted by the resolution of your screen.

In short if you’re using a 1080p screen and you want to record a video at a resolution of 1080p you’ll have to record the entire screen. Otherwise any smaller frame will be a lower resolution. Because of that you should aim simply to record at as high a resolution as possible.

Make sure the recording uses a 16:9 aspect ratio

As a general rule it is best to record using a 16:9 aspect ratio, regardless of the resolution. If your videos use other aspect ratios they will be surrounded by black bars when they are played in full screen, or when you upload them to online platforms.

Admittedly some displays use other aspect ratios, but 16:9 is the most popular and widely-used standard for videos.

Increase the frame rate of the recording

Recording at higher frame rates will make any movement on your screen look more fluid when it is captured as a video. Even small details will look more clear and smooth, such as the animation when you open and close windows, or the movement of your mouse cursor.

Although technically recording at a frame rate of 30 is acceptable, you should try pushing it to 60 frames per second and seeing how much of a difference it makes. Just be careful as the file size of the video that you record will end up larger as well.

Be sure to use a screen recorder that allows you to tweak these settings, as it will help improve the quality of your videos by leaps and bounds. For example to record screen Windows 7 you could try Movavi Screen Recorder.

If you want your videos to really look professional, you should also try to close any unnecessary programs and clear any clutter on your desktop. That way you’ll end up with a clean and clear video in high quality that looks really impressive.